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Metal detector GC-1032

Metal detector GC-1032

ProtectorTech GC-1032 metal detector

The detector is designed to effectively search for:
  • gold,
  • silver,
  • coins,
  • militaria,
  • jewelry,
  • other valuable things hidden underground.

The device is light and versatile and very easy to use.

Main features of the detector:

  • precise, waterproof probe with a diameter of 240 mm,
  • LCD display,
  • LED signaling diodes,
  • metal discrimination function,
  • Super Slow Sweep Identification (when the coil moves very slowly, different types of metals are discriminated),
  • TARGET option for accurate determination of the detected object,
  • function tone signals with adjustment option (speaker or headphones),
  • aluminum, adjustable arm enabling the length of the detector to be adjusted to the user's preferences,
  • comfortable grip arm,
  • easy assembly,
  • solid construction,
  • light weight for comfortable use.


The metal discrimination function allows the detector to distinguish between types of metals (ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, platinum). This allows you to filter out small items such as bottle caps, shells or various types of fragments.
The device also has an advanced function coil with a diameter of 240 mm. Thanks to the use of low frequency waves, the probe is characterized by high precision in finding even very small objects. The probe is waterproof, so it can be searched underwater. If metal is detected, the information is transmitted via an audible signal and a precise and readable digital display.


probe diameter: 240 mm

probe waterproof: yes

indicator: LED

Adjustment options:

  • VOLUME (volume),
  • DISC (metal discrimination),
  • NOTCH (skipping items),
  • SENSE (detector sensitivity adjustment)

Object detection range:

  • small (e.g. coins): up to approx. 26 cm;
  • medium (e.g. weapon): up to approx. 60 cm;
  • large (e.g. armor): over 160 cm

sound signals: built-in loudspeaker, 3.5 mm headphone jack (headphones not included)

power supply: 2 x 9V batteries (not included)

height from the ground: 1 - 5 cm

adjustable probe arm: 105 - 120 cm

weight: 1 kg (without battery)

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